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WinRAR is file compression and extraction software which is used to create, view and manage archive files. WinRAR is available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Free BSD OS. This post is for Windows 64 bit Operating system.

What is WinRAR :

WinRAR is a software to create RAR files and other archives. It is the most popular to create file archives. Don’t understand what is file archive?- If a file or folder consist of many sub files ( Ex: is of size 10GB) and you want to reduce size then you should compress the folder into single file and save it as a archive file. The most popular formats are RAR, ZIP, 7Z etc. This reduces the size of file (ex: 10GB folder to 5GB single RAR file ). WinRAR supports many formats which is listed in features.

Winrar screenshots

WinRAR was developed in 1993 and released in 1995 as a trail ware. You can use the trail version for 40 days. The RAR format has evolved so much from 1 to the latest version which is RAR5. RARlab also updates features to meets the current requirements. RAR5 is available from Windows XP and above and if you are using older version of Operating system you can use RAR4 version or below.

About RARLab :

WinRAR and its products are released by RARLab which is founded by the creators of WinRAR. You can see the other language download options from official site.

WinRAR Features :

● Complete support of RAR5 and ZIP 2.0 archive files.
● High compression and fast extraction algorithm.
● Special algorithms optimized for text, audio, graphics, 32-bit and 64-bit Intel executable       compression and extraction.
● Shell interface and wizard interface.
● Includes drag-and-drop facility.
● Command line interface for advanced users.
● Supports most file compression formats like 7Z, ACE, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, XZ, Z and 001 management.
● Solid archiving, which can raise compression ratio by 10% – 50% over more common methods, particularly when packing a large number of small, similar files.
● Create archives for several files called as multi volume archives.
● Creation of self-extracting archives (also multi volume) using the default or optional SFX       modules.
● Recovers the physically damaged files.
● Recovery volumes allows to reconstruct missing parts of multi volume archives.
● Unicode support in file name.
● File encryption with 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Encryption.
● Supports file size upto 2 EiB (18446 PB).

WinRAR System Requirements :

Operating System : Windows XP /Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 10.
CPU Type : Need Minimum processor.
Memory : Not specified but minimum 256 MB.
Installation Space : 6 MB.

WinRAR Installation Instructions :

Step 1 :

After Downloading the file, save it to the desired folder. Open the download file and click Run. Click ‘ Yes ‘ in the alert box. You will be shown the License agreement and destination folder. Don’t be scared after reading that the trail version is available for 40 days.

Winrar Installation screenshots


Step 2 :

The default installation location is C:\Program files \ WinRAR \.You can install other than C:\ drive. Click on ‘ Browse ‘ to choose to install in other drives. In this example we installed in E:\Program Files \ WinRAR.

Winrar Installation screenshots

Step 3 :

You will be shown a lot of option of WinRAR associations, Context menu and shell integration. Toggling all will make all the listed file extensions to be opened by WinRAR. Now click on the ‘ Context menu items ‘ a new window will be opened.

Winrar Installation screenshots

Step 4 :

Context menu is the menu that opens when you right click on a file. By default everything except ‘ Test Archive ‘ and ‘ convert archive ‘ are checked. You can also add or remove some of the options if you find your context menu is too long. For example if you don’t want to have ‘ Compress and email ‘ option when you right click a file you can uncheck that. If you don’t know, leave it as default. You can always re customize in integration options in settings via options.

Winrar Installation screenshots


Step 5 :

Now click ‘ OK ‘. In ‘ Associate Winrar with ‘ Option by default ISO and JAR files are not selected. If you don’t have any ISO extractions like Daemon tools or Power ISO you can enable these two also. In interface click on the checkbox ‘ Add WinRAR to Start Menu’. I don’t think you need that shortcut in desktop if you wish you can check that also. After that click OK.

Winrar Installation screenshots

Step 6 :

Within few seconds installation will be completed (Installation time depends on your hardware configuration). Just click on done.
Winrar Installation screenshots

WinRAR Review and Ratings :

WinRAR is the famous file archiving software you all know about that. It is free to use for viewing but for creating archives you need buy the full version which is only $29. The Graphical User Interface in this program is better compared to other file Archives. The accessibility to all options is better. Performance wise it is good. It comes in 40 different languages. Also it supports different operating system and it is highly compatible with most hardware’s and provides encryption.


The solid compression can compress data upto 50% considering all data in file as common stream. It also supports 256 AES file encryption for safe keeping your documents. It can repair physically damaged RAR files and also there is a feature to add comments to those archives. The longer the compression time the more the file is compressed. It also supports command line for doing most of the process.It also supports RAR and ZIP format for creating archive.


Coming to the support, the support is provided in English and German language only.Also the main user’s need is ‘ compression ‘. But it depends upon the type of file being compressed. Some believe WinZip provides higher compression and some 7 zip which is free and open source . WinZip offers some great features and the price for WinRAR and WinZip is nearly same.


But in our opinion what we recommend is, you should have at least one compression software installed in your PC also if you want to use compression software for free then try 7 zip. If you want to use other extra features you may buy BitZipper or WinZIP or WinRAR. Just try all the three and use the one which you find very comfortable to you. We rate this program 4/5.


● Supports 256 AES Encryption
● Very Easy to use.
● Available for all operating systems.
● User friendly.
● 40 day free trail.

Cons :

● Can’t create archives for free.
● Creates archives in ZIP and RAR only.

Other Programs:

● WinZip
● 7zip
● BitZipper
● StuffIt

Other Versions:

WinRAR other versions:
● For Windows x32
● For MAC
● For Linux
● For Android

WinRAR Support:

As already stated RARLab provides support only in English and German Languages. But WinRAR built in help feature will solve most of problems. You can access this via Help in menu.
● Contact their Support for support and queries.
● Report any bugs here.
● Learn how to use WinRAR
Contact RARlab for all other help.

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