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Ubuntu is the 2nd largest used Linux kernel based Operating System.Linux Operating system based on Unix family is the biggest alternate to windows operating system.Nearly all products are free to use.

What is Ubuntu ?

Ubuntu is a operating system like windows.It is available for personal computers,Tablets ,web servers, and cloud operating system and smart phones.Most of the products are developed for all type of hardware’s and purpose like desktop users , server operating system and touch operating system.

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Due to increased virus attack ,malware attack and security attacks some users look for safe Operating system and go for Linux based Operating system.Remember that Linux is a kernel where Operating system are built.Debian is completely free to use.Ubuntu is built on Debian.The fedora operating system based on Red Hat is popular Linux based operating system but it is not free.Only advanced users use Fedora and. Red Hat distributes free cent OS

About Ubuntu 16:

Released on 16th April 2016 Ubuntu 16.04 is the latest version of Ubuntu OS that is funded by Canonical ltd.It is available for desktop,cloud, server, phones and tablets .It is completely free and open source that means that you can have full control over your operating system.You don’t need to hesitate because the OS is loaded with essential software’s like office suites,browsers,media players, emails and games.Beyond this several apps are available in the Ubuntu  software center. Their next version Ubuntu 16.10 will be released on 20 October 2016 .

Ubuntu Features :

● 5 year support from canonical for 16.04 version.
● Thousands of apps with one click install.
● Comes with free LibreOffice highly compatible with MS office.
● Smarter and fast searching.
● Popular games are available.
● Free inbuilt photo edit tools.
● Inbuilt Email application Mozilla Thunderbird .
● Open source for developers.

System Requirements :

CPU Type :Intel®,AMD ,IBM and Motorola processor
Memory :Minimum 2 GB .
Display Resolution : minimum 800*600 (1024 * 768 or higher recommended)
Display Card :Graphics card minimum 1024* 768.
Installation Space : 25 GB of free hard drive space
Pointing Device :MS-Mouse compliant device
Network :Needed for Online Installation and Updated
Ports :DVD or USB Drive For installation

Ubuntu Installation Instructions :

If you don’t know how to install OS better you avoid directly installing in Hard drive.Try installing in Virtual box.Before the below Installation Instruction you need to mount the image in USB drive or DVD drive.Windows USB DVD tool ,Rufus is popular.


Step 1 :

Insert the USB drive or DVD drive in desktop.Press the boot menu F2 /F12 key and change the boot options to USB drive Or DVD drive.Choose your Language and click Install Ubuntu .

Ubuntu screenshots


Step 2 :

In the next screen choose install third part software for graphics and Wi -Fi hardware,Flash, MP3 and other media.If you have a internet connection you can choose Download Updates while Installing.(It will consume your internet bandwidth.)

Ubuntu screenshots


Step 3 :

In the installation type screen you have to make decision .If you are formatting your complete hard drive and other operating system choose “Erase disk and install Ubuntu”. If you are installing via virtual box you can choose this option.In this example we are installing along side windows 10.

Ubuntu screenshots


Step 4 :

In the next window choose the disk space needed for Ubuntu.we recommend you to choose minimum space if you are installing sideways.But make sure that you allot minimum 25 GB

Ubuntu screenshots


Step 5 :

In the next step choose your region where you live.It is not important but select for proper time zone.
Ubuntu screenshots


Step 6 :

In the next step choose keyboard layout.Enter the information in the fields provided in the next step like name username and password.depending upon your system configuration installation may take some time.That all about installation part

Ubuntu screenshots


Our Opinion :

Ubuntu is free open source OS.But it is not a user friendly operating system. Also many options can be accessed by commands.Anyone who don’t like working with commands then it is not suitable for you.Also for security reasons we can trust Linux based operating system because the intensity of attack is very very minimum.Also it is free one ,so you get cheaper laptops when you buy with Linux based OS and you can easily format and use windows.

From the safety point of view Ubuntu is recommended for all users.But due to its non user friendly type it not advisable to use only Linux kernel based operating system,for that we recommend you to use it with dual OS (ex: with windows 8.1 or 10). Our rating is 4.0/5.


● Completely free of cost.
● No worry about virus.
● Open source you can edit the codes.
● Supports major needs.
● Compatible with minimum hardware.
● Consumes less space on hard drive.

Cons :

● It is not user friendly.
● you need to be a computer geek for some operations.
● you need to update their latest updates for support.
● most versions have maximum six month support.

Other Versions:

● Ubuntu server (Latest)
● Open Stack Autopilot
● Ubuntu Kylin 16.04 LTS
● Ubuntu core

Learning Point:

Like any other software vendor Ubuntu provides support and help .
● Official help documentation for Ubuntu  click here
● Access community help click here
● Their official support page at here
● Besides official help google will help for most of your problems we have given some sites here

Lauch pad for apps and news, visit forum for help, gnome-look provides some free downloads.Also you can visit stack exchange site called as askubuntu Hope this helps.

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