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Escan Antivirus 14 is a popular Indian antivirus product with remote support feature. The latest version of escan is Escan 14 and this post is for Windows Operating system.

Escan Antivirus 14

Escan Antivirus is a 30 day trail security software and if you buy this license it will be commercial for 1 year. Escan Antivirus license is about $22.45. People from India have wide support according to their state. Even they provide chat support and remote support through Team viewer.

escan antivirus 14 screenshots

As per current market there is no software program that can completely protect your PC. Because the threat creators are developing new codes day by day. But Escan is the one of the top security developers, they keep their database updated which gives protection before threats harm you.

About MicroWorld Technology:

MicroWorld Technology is an Indian security program developer and they develop only security products ranging from home, commercial small business and to servers. They release the product under the brand name of ‘Escan’. The popular products along with this product include Escan Internet Security and Escan Total security. Most of their support centre are located in India.

Escan Antivirus 14 Features :

● Blocks new and unknown threats .
● Provides smart proactive protection.
● Protects files and folders from malware.
● Restricts spam e-mail.
● Offers faster on-demand scanning.
● Prevents malware attacks.
● Your data remains protected.
● WiFi Guard and Anti-Spyware.
● Two Way Firewall (Improved).

Escan Antivirus 14 System Requirements :

Operating System : Windows® 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / vista® /xp service pack 2 or higher / 2000 professional [all 32-bit & 64-bit editions]
CPU Type :Minimum 1 GHz processor
Memory : 1 GB recommended
Installation Space : 1 GB (approximate)
.Net Framework :.Net Framework 3.5 or later
Browser :Internet Explorer 8.0 or Chrome 34 or Firefox 30 (or higher).
Network :Active working internet connection for database updates
Display : At least 1024×768 Pixels Screen Resolution.
Others :Must have admin access to install product.

Escan Antivirus 14 Installation Instructions :

Step 1 :

Open the download File or double click the installer. It will start installing in C:\program Files (x86)\e Scan\.

escan antivirus 14 installation screenshots

Step 2 :

Wait for the different modules to be installed, it will take a couple of minutes.

escan antivirus 14 installation screenshots

Step 3 :

Enter the license key if you bought the license. If you don’t have then click on ‘Trail’

escan antivirus 14 installation screenshots

Step 4 :

After Installation click on the eScan Remote support then a new window will open click on the ‘I accept the disclaimer’ then click on ‘OK’

escan antivirus 14 installation screenshots

Step 5 :

Now Escan will be connected to the help desk via Team Viewer.
escan antivirus 14 screenshots

Escan Antivirus 14 Review :

When you open eScan Protection centre the dashboard you can see five modules namely File Antivirus, Mail Antivirus, AntiSpam, Firewall and cloud protection. The scan option is placed at the bottom of the window along with tools and support. Clicking the scan button you can get five different version of scan types with standard options and schedulers. The mail scan scans for any threats present in Email attachment and blocks certain types of attachments but if you want you can remove any file extension from blocked list.

escan antivirus 14 screenshots

Antispam is to filter the spam mails and escan uses its own firewall instead of windows default firewall. The escan cloud protection is one of the which usually other security programs define in different way. Scanning speed is moderate and in some stages we experience system slowdown. Tools link has some features rescue disk and restore default settings and USB vaccination. Quick link contains Remote support, Tools, License option and scan feature.

escan antivirus 14 screenshots

The user friendly interface and easy navigation is a plus about this version, compared to the previous version of 11.x the product is improved greatly and also the support. But in AV Test escan did not perform well and it is below average compared to the other products like Bitdefender and Kaspersky.

escan antivirus 14 screenshots

Escan Antivirus 14 Our Opinion

Threat detection rate is fairly good and it alerts phishing sites while browsing. The main issue we faced is system slow down and system start up time increased we feel that escan takes more control over the OS. Customer support is mainly excellent for Indian users since they have support centre in most of the Indian state also the live chat support in becoming popular for every developers and escan also offers it.


The interesting feature about escan is remote support. We recommend users to try this product. We rate escan 3/5.



● User friendly interface.
● Takes overall control.
● Live chat and phone support.
● It supports lot of Operating system.

Cons :

● System slows down and start up time increases.
● Poor score in AV Test.

Other Versions:

● Escan Internet Security suite
● Escan Total security suite
● Mail Scan for Mail Servers
● Escan Antivirus for Mac
● Escan Mobile Security for Android


Escan provides support for their products. Email, phone support and live chat support is available. For immediate help you can check the help button in the application itself. Escan also gives remote support through Teamviewer

● Access help through this link
● Get connected to Escan forum

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