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Google chrome is the most popular and most used web and mobile browser in the world.More than 65% of internet user use google chrome for surfing internet.

What is Google Chrome ?

No need to give intro as I hope you are using chrome to surf this page also.Build by google in 2008 it surpassed Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and soon become the most used browser in the world.Today it is the benchmark for all the browser software’s.It become the standard tool for web developers to test and preview their work because it supports lot of scripts and languages.

chrome screenshots

More Over the performance of Google Chrome is the best as far as today compared to any browsers followed by Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and others

About Google:

Google before 2008 google was active in developing toolbars and extensions for search purpose in popular browsers.At that time Mozilla was popular and it hired many Mozilla Experts for developing tool bars.Later in 2008 it started to build its own browser and soon reached billions of users because of its performance.Google chrome is written in C++ and uses blink as rendering engine.The latest stable version is 51.0.2704.79. The open source version of this browser is called as chromium.

Chrome Features :

● Browser window is streamlined, clean and simple.
● Keeps you safer and more secure on the web with built-in malware and phishing protection.
● It’s quick to start up from your desktop.
● Controls your private info while helping to protect that info you share when you’re online.
● Tons of ways to customize appearance with extensions.
● You can make your own theme on and share it with friends.
● Add an app on one computer. Access it on all your computers.
● You can set up cookie rules to automatically allow cookies only for a specified list of sites.
● Uses WebKit, V8 JavaScript engine, so browser is fast. For details visit comic book.
● You can also set up custom keywords for your favorite sites.
Checks regularly to make sure that it’s always kept up-to-date.
Visit Chromium store for all features and development.

Chrome System Requirements :

Operating System :Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later.
CPU Type :An Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that’s SSE2 capable.
Memory :Not specified but minimum 1 GB for smoother operation.
Installation Space : Not specified by author but 200 MB minimum
Pointing Device :MS-Mouse compliant device
Network Connection :Required

Installation Instructions :

Step 1 :

After you click the download button.You will be redirected to google site.You will see google terms and conditions.If you check set Google as my default browser every web page in your system will be opened with chrome.We recommend to keep this checkbox.After downloading open the download File and paste into the desired Folder. Double click the setup file or right click and choose Run as Administrator. Click yes in the alert box.

Chrome Screenshots


Step 2 :

Within a minute installation will be completed.the default installation directory is C drive. A shortcut icon will be created in desktop and also in start menu.You can access Internet.

Chrome Screenshots


Our Opinion :

Chrome is the best browser in the world in all platforms and there is no hesitation to use but in some case unwanted extensions ,toolbars and plugins can cause starting google chrome longer or it will make browser slow or may consume huge ram when you work with multiple tabs.Some apps and themes are also a reason for slow performance of chrome.If you encounter any above issue please start with extensions disabled.So we advise you to use Google chrome.We rate this browser as 4.5/5

Please note that google doesn’t encourage users to use older versions of this software.And also you should download from their official site only.


● Super fast Browser.
● Simple user interface.
● Many extensions are available.
● Site search available.

Cons :

● Huge consumption of RAM.
● You need to update regularly.

Other Browsers:

● Mozilla Firefox
● Microsoft Edge Browser
● Safari Browser
● Opera Browser
● Sea Monkey Browser
● Torch Browser

Chrome Support:

Google chrome is a product of Google who is the king of internet.So there will be numerous forms and help blogs for this browser.
● The official help and support site visit here
Click here or tips and tricks official
● Visit Official chromecast site
● Google chrome Blog
● You can report your problems in these links

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