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CCleaner is the most popular tool for cleaning PC temporary files, Browser cookies and cache, cleaning Registry and doing some of the common tune up tasks to keep your system in good condition.

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CCleaner is a system cleaning software which is downloaded more than 1 Billion times. It is used to tune up your PC by cleaning PC temporary files, prefetch data, cache, browser cookies, browser history, log files, recently typed URL, unwanted data in registry, and many more. CCleaner can also speed up your browser by manually disabling the extensions, plugins and apps.

CCleaner screenshot

CCleaner can help you to optimize your PC by manually removing or changing unwanted software, Enabling or disabling the software which loads on startup, analyzing the type of files which occupied your system space, Finding and removing duplicate files, Restoring your PC to previous date in case of any problem, Wiping your hard disk space for complete removal of files without leaving any trace ( only if you need for protecting your private information ).


About Piriform :

CCleaner was developed by piriform Ltd in 2003 as a freeware with basic features and professional version with some extra features. The other products by this developer includes Recuva – a data recovery solution for your files, Speccy -A tool to detect your hardware model and configuration and will display what happening inside it ex (temperature, fan rpm, etc…).
All of these products include a professional version with dedicated support. The android app for CCleaner is also available. Piriform also issues product for business edition, technician edition and also cloud and network edition for the above products.

Features :

● Improved Microsoft Edge Cache and History cleaning.
Drive wipe feature.
● Optimized detection and cleaning of portable browsers.
● Improved Browser Monitoring functionality (Professional only).
● Unicode support in Startup and Browser Plugin management.
● Minor Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) improvements.
● Improved localization support.
● Real-time Monitoring.
● Automatic Update to latest versions.
● For more check Link

CCleaner System Requirements :

Operating System : Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/,windows 10, Windows Server 2012
CPU Type :Minimum Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64 processor
Memory : 256 MB
Installation Space : 18 MB
Pointing Device :Mouse compliant device
Browser :Windows Internet Explorer® 9.0 (or later)
Users : Need Administrative privileges.


CCleaner Installation Instructions :

Step 1 :

Open the download File. Double click the setup file or right click and choose Run as Administrator. Choose the language as English or your mother tongue from the drop down menu and press ‘ Next ‘.

CCleaner installation screenshot


Step 2 :

In Install Options window by default all check boxes are selected. You can change if you wish.
CCleaner installation screenshot

Step 3 :

In Install Options window click on ‘ Advanced ‘. The default is ‘ Install for anyone using this computer ‘. If you want to change that and want to install for you only you can change that to ‘ Install for me ‘ by clicking the radio button. Then hit ‘ Back ‘.
CCleaner installation screenshot

Step 4 :

Now Proceed with install button. But in this image i have unchecked ‘ Automatically check for updates for ccleaner ‘.


Step 5 :

Wait some time for the installation to complete. It won’t take more than a minute.
CCleaner installation screenshot


Step 6 :

Click on finish and uncheck the ‘ Release notes ‘. If you wish you can see the versions that will open in your default browser.


CCleaner installation screenshot


CCleaner Review :

CCleaner is the most downloaded system cleaning software about 1 billion times. Lets see what are its features and how are the competitors are. The user interface is pretty good and friendly so that a newbie to computer can easily work with it. The performance of deletion of temporary files, cache, cookies and other unwanted junk files is very good. It is fast and doesn’t cause the PC to hang on that is where the developers of piriform has worked upon.


In application tab you can choose the type of files which you want for ex: saved passwords, form information etc.and which you don’t want like internet tracks, cookies etc. The default cleaning is excellent with free version and with pro version there will be always monitoring on the browsers and the cleaning is automatically carried on. The registry cleaner is awesome and deletes most of the unwanted features. Degramention could be there but piriform made that as separate product as ” Defraggler”.


In tools tab piriform has made a little bit easier for users like the uninstall wizard, start up program disable option, browser extension disabling, analyzing of disk for file formats, identifying and deletion of duplicate files and folders etc. But the drive wipe feature is not that much appealing for normal users. The options have some advanced features like settings, exclude folders from CCleaner, save cookies on certain sites, Monitoring , Users. The former two are available only for Pro users which is $24.95.


The task that it does in free version is amazing compared to other competitors like Tuneup Utilities and others. The performance, speed, reliable and trust made CCleaner on top of all PC tuning applications.The Pro versions has certain advanced options like active monitoring, automatic update, control of users etc. This is preferable for home users. Also the price is less compared to its competitors. We recommend you to buy Pro version for home users. For others there is separate business, technical, network and cloud versions. We rate CCleaner 4.5/5.


● User friendly interface.
● Very Fast and reliable.
● The free version is enough for most users.
● No need to clean manually in Pro version.
● The Pro version comes with 14 day trail.

Cons :

● Defragmention not available.

CCleaner other Versions:

● CCleaner for Business Free Download
● For Technician Download.
● For Network Free Download.
● For Network Professional Download.
● For Cloud Download.

Learning Point:

CCleaner does not require users to learn. But for help and support piriform always there for you.

Learn how to use and troubleshoot CCleaner
● Piriform help Forum
● CCleaner technical support

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