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Bluestacks is an android emulator which is used to run Mobile apps and games in Personal computers and MAC. You get same experience as you are using a smartphone in personal computer.

What is Bluestacks ?

Bluestacks is an android emulator. Don’t know what is an android emulator ? It is a software that helps to run android apps to run on personal computer and Mac. You will get the same experience in PC as you will experience in smart phones. what you need is to install the the program for your operating system and you can manage it like a mobile. What they say is BlueStacks work on 96% of 1.4 million apps that are present in Google play store.

  BlueStacks screenshots


BlueStacks is the most download program in android emulator more than 130 million people are using in their PC. This represents the popularity of the program. You can sign in your Google account and install all apps as you as do in play store. This post is for Windows version of BlueStacks there is also a MAC version for MAC users. If you are a existing  BlueStacks user then don’t upgrade automatically because certain features won’t work. Manually install BlueStacks to use new features.

Bluestacks Features :

● Multi Language support.
● New BlueStacks TV feature added.
● User Interface Customization.
● New welcome and Android tab.
● Chat while video streaming and gaming.
● Easy to switch tabs feature for opening new apps.
● New sidebar tool added to access features.
● Resize the screen by dragging window corners as you do in PC.
● The back button is now available on left top just like any browser.
● After BlueStacks 2.0 the storage capacity has been increased from 16GB to 32 GB.
● Lots of improvements and bug fixes.
● Visit official site for more features.


Bluestacks System Requirements :

Operating System : Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3 or higher.
CPU Type :Minimum 1 GHz or above processor
Memory :Minimum 2 GB of RAM.
Display Resolution :1024×768 (1600×1050 or higher recommended) with True Color.
Display Card :DirectX® 9 or later.
Installation Space : Minimum 4 GB Installation Space.(Recommended 9 GB)
Browser :Windows Internet Explorer® 11.0 (or later)
NET Framework :Need NET Framework 3.5 or higher.

Click here to get detailed information on system requirements.

BlueStacks Installation Instructions :

Step 1 :

Open the download File and save it to the desired folder. Double click the setup file or right click and choose Run as Administrator. Click ‘ yes ‘ in the alert box.File will be extracted in few seconds.
BlueStacks installation screenshots


Step 2 :

In the next window you will be shown the welcome screen. Click ‘ Next ‘ to Install BlueStacks.
BlueStacks installation screenshots


Step 3 :

In the next window you will be shown the installation directory. The default installation location will be in C drive. i.e C:\Program data\ . But you can change this by clicking browse.

BlueStacks installation screenshots


Step 4 :

Click on ‘ Browse ‘. Now point to the desired folder where you want to install. In this example I have installed in E: drive. We recommend you to change the installation location because the installation alone takes up nearly 3.8 GB. If you use apps then this program will eat your disk space. So we suggest you to change installation location.

BlueStacks installation screenshots


Step 5 :

In the next screen you have two check boxes checked by default one is ‘ App Store Access ‘ and ‘ Application Communication ‘. If you uncheck the first you are disabling Google play store, the second one is restricting app to connect to their server. Don’t uncheck and keep it as default. After you click Install an alert box will open click ‘ Yes ‘ in that box and you will see the installation progress.

BlueStacks installation screenshots


Step 6 :

In the next screen just click on ‘ Finish ‘ to complete the installation. In case you have encountered any error please make sure that you update your driver. Because BlueStacks uses Open Graphics Library and this should be updated. If you find any problems in installations go through the official support site. You can update through the links provided there.
BlueStacks installation screenshots


Bluestacks Review and Ratings :

BlueStacks is a famous and most popular Android Emulators. Here we share what we found with this program. It looks like you are really using a Android Tablet. It works fine with both Touch and non touch screens actually it was designed keeping in mind for non touch screens. The navigation especially back, minimize, maximize and close behave like PC software and it is very friendly to use. There is a Welcome window we can’t find out why it is there !. There is a android window where it shows apps based on categories. If you want to use basic android features then BlueStacks does it’s job.


Also BlueStacks doesn’t limit the number of apps we can use. But the more we install apps the more we lose system space. The other notable features are multitasking you can play game in one window and have chat in another window. There is a new feature called BlueStacks Tv is added where you can watch videos in side window and do multi tasking. You can install any apps from search in the top. By using left sidebar you can manually install apps, set location, adjust volume, take snapshot, watch videos and some basic copy paste operations.


There is no way to access play store directly you have to search in apps. While playing games clicking on the top left icon near to close button will display the keyboard controls. Playing games gives good experience and there is nothing bad about it. Performance wise it better than other Emulators. But I have to point it here that some apps doesn’t perform up to expectations. Although BlueStacks is trying to minimize bugs in every version some how it is there and we also experienced.


The frequently disturbed ads and forcing to install app in free version is really undesirable. Every time it automatically installs app which we don’t want. This makes users to feel to move for other Emulators. So many bugs and ads are not desirable. Also the performance will be very poor for PC having RAM 4GB or lesser. This made us to declare that BlueStack as not fulfilling expectations. We rate this program 3/5.



● Low RAM Usage for most apps.
● Good navigation for non touch screens.
● Nearly all apps can be run.
● Good for Gaming and video Streaming.
● It is free.

Cons :

● It is buggy.
● Ads are more frequent and apps are automatically installed.

Other Software’s :

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● Android-x86 Free Download.
● AMIDuOS Free download.
● GenyMotion Free download.

BlueStacks Support:

BlueStacks is still trying to remove bugs and it supports and help users a lot. For Reporting any issue just click on the settings icon in BlueStacks dashboard. There is a help section in twitch bar also.
● Visit their Official help and support section.
Click here to contact them by mail.
● Join their community for any questions and help.

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