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Ashampoo Snap 9 is the current best screen capture software which offers a wide range of screen capture options with good editing and publishing tools. Snap 9 is available only for Windows Operating System.

Ashampoo Snap 9

Ashampoo 9 is the updated version of Ashampoo Snap 8 with lot of changes and features which made it to rank top in Screen Capture software category. The other competitor and ranked second in this category is Snagit 13 from TechSmith. The license is about $29.99 for Snap 9 and $19.99 for upgrade.

Ashampoo snap 9 screenshots

Snagit was popular for a long time in Screen Capture category and now after the release of Ashampoo Snap 9 it is regained top spot beating Techsmith Snagit in both performance and price. You can do normal screen capture, record video and edit in real time. There is a separate version of Snap made for Business Requirements.


About Ashampoo:

Ashampoo is the leading software developer. Their products range from CAD software to Screen capture and multimedia software. The most popular products include Ashampoo 3D CAD,Ashampoo WinOptimizer, Office, Photo Commander14 , Movie Studio, Burning studio and Ashampoo Snap 9 (this post).

Ashampoo Snap 9 Features :

● Use live editing and avoid post-processing.
● More speed, flexibility and usability.
● Additional fixed window sizes.
● Use color picker to capture colors across applications.
● Live edit video recordings with text and pen annotations.
● Display keyboard input during video recordings.
● Movable capture window during video recordings.
● Provide comments with microphone during webcam recording.
● Capture system clipboard images that were copied in a browser window.
● Create animated GIFs, e.g. for memes.
● Integrate external applications for image editing and processing.
Click here to view full features.

Ashampoo Snap 9 System Requirements :

Operating System : Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1/, Windows 10
CPU Type :Minimum Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ 64 processor
Memory :1 GB
Installation Space : 160 MB
Graphics :Minimum resolution 1024 x 768 and 16-bit high color (32-bit recommended)
Browser :Windows Internet Explorer® 8.0 or Firefox or Chrome.
Users :Need Administrative privileges.
Internet :Internet connection (required for license activation)


Ashampoo Snap 9 Installation Instructions :

Step 1 :

Open the download File. Double click the setup file or right click and choose Run as Administrator. Choose your desired language and click ‘OK’.

Ashampoo snap 9 installation instructions

Step 2 :

In the next window click ‘I Agree, proceed’.

Ashampoo snap 9 installation instructions

Step 3 :

The default installation location will be in C drive. If you want to change installation location click on ‘Browse’ button and point to the folder or you can directly edit in the box itself. Installing this program for all users is not a problem and you can leave the remaining as default and click ‘Next’.

Ashampoo snap 9 installation instructions

Step 4 :

Wait for the installation to complete. It will take about 2 to 3 minutes depending upon your hardware. Click on ‘Finish’ to complete the installation.

Ashampoo snap 9 installation instructions

Step 5 :

Copy and paste the License Key which you got and if your key is vaild it will show a message to activate license. Click ‘Activate Now’ to activate the product. If you don’t have license click ‘ Get License ‘ button left of ‘ Download ‘ button in this page or if you want to try for 10 days then click on ‘Continue’.

Ashampoo snap 9 license activation

Step 6 :

In the next window click on ‘Continue’.

Ashampoo snap 9 license activation

Ashampoo Snap 9 Review :

In these days everyone needs some type of screenshots for proof and help. From Bloggers to business man screenshots are necessary but the default windows snipping tool has certain limitation to capture such that it can’t automatically grab menu and capture in 4k. Ashampoo Snap 9 is the current best screen capture software due to its advanced features, performance, and price. With the new OCR Technology (which saves text in image as a separate file) and some good user-friendly interface Snap 9 performed better than Snagit- the former best screen capture software.

Ashampoo snap 9 screenshots

When you launch the application you will find the capture menu in the top left corner whereas in Snagit capture menu is simple and in middle but Snap 9 menu is detailed with features accessible directly. Both video and screen capture is in the same menu and you can do whatever you want to with the screen. Whenever you need to capture website or long documents you need to click the scrolling window option and need to select the boundaries and after that Snap will capture the remaining pages automatically. You can do this in Snagit but that ease.



When we first started to using Snagit we don’t know whether Snagit supports free style capture later we found out that we need to change it in ‘selection’ but snap lets you do this job in single click. In snagit whenever you select a screen releasing the mouse button will capture but in Snap you need to click it again and right click makes cancel. The Editor is excellent and it supports all effects and editing needed to publish your screenshot.



Ashampoo Snap 9 Our Opinion :

Both Snagit and Ashampoo Snap 9 is good software and we are comparing this with price, performance and the ease of use. Performance wise both Snagit and Snap 9 is effective, ease of use is Snap 9 in which you don’t need to look for settings. The price is nearly same for both products but Ashampoo offers a discount( Click ‘Get License ‘ to buy for $29.99 ). We tested both products Snap is better in current scenario but what we don’t like in Snap is the ‘editor skin’.


There are a lot of advanced features and options available in these professional screen capture software which we didn’t mention here. If you want basic capture you can do that in Windows default Snipping Tool. Click on Start → Snipping Tool to access Snipping Tool.


We recommend you to buy Snap 9 which is cheap and effective. If you don’t like Ashampoo products then choose Snagit. We rate Ashampoo Snap 4/5.


● User friendly interface.
● Includes Advanced Screen Capture.
● Cheap compared to other products.
● Comes with trail version.

Cons :

● Support is lacking.

Support Point:

For help about contents press F1 in the application you can get HTML based help. Support is not easily accessible and you find very fewer options. There is no Phone or email support.

● Ashampoo Support about products.

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